The Command Advantage
  • Significant scalability to ensure large projects get completed on time
  • Domain expertise brings familiarity with commonly used financial and legal terms, thereby leading to superior translations
Better Control of the Translations Process

Our services include virtually every aspect of a translation initiative, from project planning through to execution and delivery. All documents are translated and edited by native speakers who specialize in the translation of financial communications. After translation, the editor will review the document, sentence by sentence, approving the grammar, style and accuracy of the translations.

After completion of the translations, we will create an English language template in Quark Express which will have the same appearance as the original typeset book, but will contain only those sections that you have requested. From there, we will use the translations to replace the English text throughout the entire document. A final QA review will be done prior to release to ensure that all copy and pages are properly formatted and in proper place.

Projects are completed professionally, on time, and within budget and with the highest level of accuracy. Customized glossaries can repurpose terminology and phrases to deliver a consistent and accurate message. This is particularly valuable for mutual fund documentation and shareholder reports where industry-specific terminology is used. 

Command’s translation services integrate seamlessly with our other services related to document creation and distribution and, depending upon your specific project requirements, typesetting of translated material is also available.