The Command Advantage
  • Electronic distribution services that fully leverage the power of the Internet to ensure a secure, intuitive, and efficient communication flow.
  • Electronic distribution can be combined with our traditional distribution to provide alternative media distribution mechanisms as per your requirements.
Electronic Delivery

Command Financial offers an array of electronic delivery solutions for the secure, timely dissemination of documents.

For project-based disseminations, Command’s eShip is a scalable application to E-mail documents, in proof or final form, to specific individuals or to the entire working group. Command’s Portal sends the working group an E-mail alert containing a link to their project’s repository of documents whenever a group member or Command posts a new file.

Command’s eBlast is an effective application to electronically disseminate information to a large group, such as to all Shareholders or to a composite E-mail list.

Command’s Shareholder Solicitation and Compliance Program is a customizable solution to solicit a new Shareholder’s preference for receiving future compliance documents (i.e., electronic or printed Prospectuses, Quarterly Reports, Semi-Annual or Annual Reports, etc.) while physically mailing that Shareholder the current Prospectus. For the next scheduled compliance document dissemination, the Program prepares and launches an eBlast as well as creates a traditional mailing list from the database records requesting electronic or printed documents. The incorporation of Command’s Fulfillment and Mailing capabilities makes the Program a one-step solution during time critical, regulatory deadline driven periods.

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