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“We’ve used CAPS to manage the content for all our prospectuses and it paid for itself in cost-savings within a year.”



Do you lose sleep over data integrity and the management of your content? If yes, you need Command Automated Publishing System (CAPS). 

Gain control over your disclosure with features such as:

  • Shared content across documents
  • Audit trail documenting all changes by date and author
  • Summary prospectuses created from Statutory 
  • Transforming data files into formatted charts and tables
  • Quick and accurate conversion to SEC compliant HTML
  • Powerful blacklining 
  • Automated inline XBRL tagging, producing immediate resulting iXBRL files
  • Direct filing with the SEC
  • Robust variable text tools
  • Print-ready PDF output
  • And much more!

Built utilizing state-of-the-art Microsoft™ technologies, CAPS enables the entire document production workflow to change from a linear “one-off” approach to a dynamic “closed loop” process. Information and shared language previously difficult to update and manage can now be easily repurposed into multiple documents and/or tables.

Utilizing concepts validated through extensive feedback from various investment company leaders, Command has successfully developed a system with a focus on client ease-of-use and unprecedented levels of accessibility and functionality.

The CAPS prospectus and shareholder report modules may be purchased separately or jointly to provide an integrated solution. Documents are created and edited in Microsoft Word and Excel, combined with an intuitive user interface and a database-driven virtual library. This allows you to manage and repurpose information and data required in investment company registration statements, prospectuses, summary prospectuses, Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), Packaged Retail & Insurance based Investment Products (PRIIPs), shareholder reports, and other documents.

Development and ongoing support of our prospectus and shareholder report modules of CAPS are spearheaded by an experienced ‘40 Act attorney and experienced mutual fund administrators, ensuring unparalleled ease of use and a feature-rich complement of capabilities designed from the end-users’ perspective. 

We continue to develop and release new CAPS functionality based upon our clients’ requests–one per quarter on average–as well as optional modules to address evolving market needs. Recent examples are the creation of an Exhibit hyperlink assistant and the automation of embedding XBRL tags to address the inline XBRL rules that eliminated a 15-day grace period. CAPS also has the power and flexibility to address the increasing complexities and frequent SEC updates in the Investment Company Reporting Modernization rules, including the monthly N PORT and annual N-CEN forms.  Using portfolio information, the data set can satisfy the financial reporting and Modernization requirements. For Variable Product clients, our table automation feature can be used to generate the newly-required underlying fund appendix. Fund data is imported into the system and with the use of product fund line-ups, CAPS can create product-specific tables.  If a fund data point changes, it only needs to be changed once and then pushed to all product prospectuses having that particular fund – no need to make the change multiple times.

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The Command Advantage
  • Improved integrity of disclosure so there is a reduced risk of inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading statements in the documents
  • Improved efficiencies, since information is repurposed rather than redrafted 
  • Reduced time to create a document and documentation related to new product launches
  • Reduced costs associated with attorney review
  • Reduced typesetting costs
  • Reduced EDGAR costs