The Command Advantage
  • Improved integrity of disclosure so there is a reduced risk of inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading statements in the documents
  • Improved efficiencies, since information is repurposed rather than redrafted 
  • Reduced time to create a document and documentation related to new product launches
  • Reduced costs associated with attorney review
  • Reduced typesetting costs
  • Reduced EDGAR costs

Do you lose sleep over data integrity and the management of your content? If yes, you need Command Automated Publishing System (CAPS).

Built with state-of-the-art Microsoft™ technologies, CAPS enables the entire document production workflow to change from a linear “one-off” approach to a dynamic “closed loop” process. Information and shared language previously difficult to update and manage can now be easily repurposed into multiple documents.

Utilizing concepts validated through extensive feedback from various investment company leaders, Command has successfully developed a system with a focus on client ease-of-use and unprecedented levels of accessibility and functionality.

The CAPS prospectus and shareholder report modules may be purchased separately or jointly to provide an integrated solution. Documents are created and edited in Microsoft Word and Excel, which combine with an intuitive user interface that is being completely modernized in 2016 and a database-driven virtual library. This allows you to manage and repurpose information required in investment company registration statements, prospectuses, summary prospectuses, Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), shareholder reports, and other documents.

Development and ongoing support of our prospectus and shareholder report modules of CAPS are spearheaded by an experienced 40 Act attorney and experienced mutual fund administrators, ensuring unparalleled ease of use and a feature-rich complement of capabilities designed from the end-users’ perspective. 

We continue to develop and release new CAPS functionality and User Friendly Interface based upon our clients’ requests–one per quarter on average–and we develop optional modules to address evolving market needs. Some examples are our Summary Prospectus and Reprint Management modules that address the complexities of summary prospectus rules, and automation of the new money market reporting form N-MFP2. CAPS also has the power and flexibility to address the increased complexities in the proposed Investment Company Reporting Modernization rule, including new forms N-PORT and N-CEN. Many of our CAPS clients are taking advantage of our EDGAR Slayer module, an EDGAR conversion tool for CAPS documents that gives clients superior performance and control over EDGAR conversions. 

Our Fund Data Warehouse, another of Command’s automation tools, is specifically designed to meet the needs of variable product issuer prospectus complexities. Addressing challenging areas such as Fee Table information, Expense, Examples, and Fund Listings, the Fund Data Warehouse allows clients to manage information in one central location and repurpose or "push content" to the appropriate multiple documents. 


“We’ve used CAPS to manage the content for all our prospectuses and it paid for itself in cost-savings within a year.”