Testimonial 6

“The whole team at Command has done an excellent job pulling three tight timelines this week on the project. Through a series of proofs, you guys have consistently hit or bettered your projected timeframes and presented top notch work product.”

Attorney regarding an S-1 filing for a client

Document Creation and Related Services

Command’s document creation services include our proven composition technology, professional customer service and proofreading staff, and secure infrastructure. These are the cornerstones of the document creation and management process that help ensure your documents and projects are completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Command Advantage: 
The Command Advantage
  • Multiple, state-of-the-art composition platforms to accommodate different requirements and specifications, to ensure fast turnaround of typeset materials 
  • Single-source EDGAR for fast and accurate EDGARizations. 
  • Decades of aggregate experience in document lifecycle management
  • Extensive knowledge of SEC requirements, document creation, and revision cycles
  • Dedicated customer service team focused on a small number of clients with similar requirements, resulting in detailed knowledge of every job for more efficient workflow and more effective communication.
  • Core operations performed within the Command Group of Companies “under one roof” for greatly improved workflow.

Our primary composition platforms are a state-of-the-art 3B2 publishing system and an enhanced QuarkXpress application suite. The system we select for a document depends on a number of factors including: complexity, use of graphics, other specific requirements, conversion to EDGAR requirements, and the client’s preferred workflow.

Command’s core operations, including composition systems and staff are housed internally and available on a 24x7x365 basis as may be required by our clients. Additionally, our customer service and composition departments share the same workspace, which allows for seamless, efficient communication between the two departments. We do not utilize a "hub and spoke" system for composition nor do we have to rely on fax or other electronic forms of communication between these two critical departments. 

Our composition systems display control banners outside the printed area of each client page proof, automatically tracking document versioning so clients can better manage their projects. In addition to version control, all documents in our composition systems can be blacklined to track changes from one draft to the next. As a new version of a document is created, the tracking session is updated. Clients can request to see marked changes from a single round of edits (current marked proof), several rounds of edits (modified cumulative proof), or all marks (cumulative proof).

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