EDGAR and XBRL Services

As financial filing has migrated to the Internet, Command Financial has remained on the cutting edge. Our dedicated EDGAR filing specialists communicate frequently with the Securities and Exchange Commission to remain current with the most recent rules and regulations, including XBRL. Command is actively engaged in dialog and feedback with the SEC regarding this initiative and was also an active participant in the Investment Company Institute Working Group on XBRL.
Command Advantage: 
The Command Advantage
  • Multiple solutions for clients to meet EDGAR requirements, whether you rely on Command’s dedicated staff, our self-filer application, or CAPS
  • Experienced with both Corporate Finance Registrants and Investment Management Filers to ensure tagging is valid, correct, and on-time
  • Manage routine EDGAR filings on your own for cost savings and increased control.

Command provides clients with the most up-to-date technology for fast, efficient, and error-free EDGAR filings. The technology we select for EDGAR conversion is the best match based upon the source document and your requirements. We have single-source conversion that allow us to repurpose the native file to EDGAR (ASCII, HTML or XML), make edits to the source document, and then update the Edgar file with just the changed page(s). For documents in our Command Automated Publishing System (CAPS), our EDGAR Slayer tool allows CAPS users to automatically convert native Word files into SEC-compliant HTML "hands-free" without leaving CAPS.

EDGAR Self-Filer
Command offers our EDGAR Self-Filing program for those clients who wish to retain control over certain types of EDGAR filings. Our easy to use, reliable and intuitive Self-Filer system is web-based and permits clients to convert and file with the SEC Section 16 filings (Forms 3, 4, and 5 and amendments). To access Command Self Filer use the following link:

We provide thorough, collaborative XBRL consultative services, as well as a full range of operational services to help corporate registrants and investment companies meet new and evolving requirements in a timely, cost-effective and accurate manner. Our XBRL services include:.
  • Q&A with your team about current risk/return summary labels and the new XBRL standardized taxonomy elements.
  • Review of SEC rulemaking language.
  • Working closely with your key advisors to ensure consensus around XBRL decision-making rationales.
  • Pressure testing when to extend or not to extend the taxonomy.
  • Identifying ways to map XBRL workflow decisions.
  • Reviewing your ability to reconstruct and validate XBRL decision-making.
  • Testing XBRL instance creation from historical files.
  • Verification, validation, rendering, test filing as required.
  • Developing a timeline for live production of your mandated submission.
  • Review of software applications for XBRL tagging and rendering
  • Instance creation and validation, rendering and submission
Please see our Reference Center for more valuable information on XBRL.

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