The Command Advantage
  • In-depth understanding of the document lifecycle management needs of variable product issuers.
  • On-staff 40 Act attorney and fund administrators
  • Extensive print and bindery capacities.
  • Modern print technologies that produce cost-efficiencies and high quality products.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Variable Annuities and Insurance

Command Financial is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of variable product issuers. We offer the latest in fully integrated, technology-based solutions, personalized service, and document lifecycle management. Our in-house press capacity is one of the largest in the nation, providing full web, sheetfed, digital and print-on-demand presses. Further, we offer full SEC EDGAR capabilities as well as traditional and electronic fulfillment.

Command has created The Command Automated Publishing System (CAPS) to help you create and manage your critically important documents. With its content management and document assembly tools, CAPS is ideal for variable product issuers. Our solutions are increasingly used by leading insurance companies and variable product providers on a national basis.

The prospectus and shareholder report modules of CAPS are content management and document assembly tools that utilize an intuitive user interface and a database driven virtual library, allowing clients to manage and repurpose information. We have also built our Fund Data Warehouse application to meet the specific needs of variable product issuers. This application uses database technology to let you effectively manage the complex and dynamic information related to fee tables, fund/product listings, and other areas of variable product prospectuses.

Our team of experts—including an experienced 40 Act attorney with first-hand experience producing and maintaining registration statements for a leading insurance company—fully understand the unique challenges of the variable product industry. Command co-sponsors a 40 Act Group that meets quarterly to discuss issues related to your industry.