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“The support from the CAPS team is best-in-class and that is a significant differentiator.”

Senior Counsel from leading fund complex, among US top 10 in AUM

CAPS Functionality to Address N-PORT

CAPS Functionality to Address N-PORT

Command Advantage: 
The Command Advantage
  • Improved integrity of disclosure so there is a reduced risk of inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading statements in the documents
  • Improved efficiencies since information is repurposed rather than redrafted 
  • Reduced time to create a document and documentation related to new product launches
  • Reduced costs associated with attorney review
  • Reduced typesetting costs
  • Reduced EDGAR costs

Although the compliance date for filing N-PORT is still months away (July 31, 2018 for investment companies with assets over 1 billion), there has been—and continues to be—a sense of urgency in the investment company community over the new challenges and complexities posed by N-PORT. Among these challenges are the following: 

  • more frequent filings; 
  • more disclosure and data;
  • new disclosure and data; 
  • new and multiple data sources 
  • new calculations related to portfolio and risk metrics;  
  • inclusion of optional textual explanatory notes; 
  • XML file structure/format;
  • other complexities 

We have spent a great deal of time studying the rule and communicating with clients through both written surveys and ongoing dialogs. Our findings have reinforced our belief that automation is well suited for addressing the challenges posed by N-PORT and N-CEN, and that CAPS can provide an ideal solution. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, we have seen a great deal of interest not only from our shareholder reports clients, but also our from prospectus clients. We view this as increasing recognition that a fully integrated content and data management tool such as CAPS is a superior approach to disparate tools and separate information silos.

Command has completed a prototype that provides a preview of how CAPS will help meet the requirements of N-PORT, as well as our approach to N-CEN.  

If you or others in your fund group would like further information, participate in our user survey, or schedule a demo of our N-PORT prototype, please contact your sales representative or us at salesinfo@commandfinancial.com.

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